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The allmighty ABOUT PAGE !

This is a place made to show my creations and interests to Teh Internets.
I'm going to show lots of hardware related work aswell as music and fair bit or other mostly entertainment related things.
Game consoles are a passion of mine, particularly Sega machines, especially the Mega Drive. Of course there will be other machines too such as Master System, Saturn, Dreamcast, NES, SNES, TG16 aswell as home computers and whatnot. Videogaming is great (or at least used to be).
Round things holding music are also of interest to me, particularly the flat slabs of black plastic and spools of thin black metal covered tape.
Yamaha sound generation devices will definitely see quite some light, particularly the FM chips (OPN series especially).
I am hosting the site on my very own server at home on the 150/20Mbit connection I have largely unused. I can hotlink files and not have to worry about anything getting removed for one reason or other, its all mine !.
If you play nice I can give you slice of the pie too but remember :
I have absolute control over this place, I make the rules and nobody can stop me !

Server Hardware Configuration

Intel Pentium III 866MHz CPUCoppermine, underclocked to 488/75. Slocket is FC-PGA modded
Tomato BX95-3D motherboardVIA Apollo based Slot1 board, RAM performance is a bit poor...
640MB of PC133 SDRAMNo swapfile needed anymore !
Ati Radeon 9200SE 128MBMost functional from my most crappy AGP GFX cards
SIL3112 with few fixesBad flash fixed, LED stuff adjusted a bit.
Pair of 250GB Seagates in RAID1GOOD drives now, faster, more reliable and easier to replace on trouble !
Realtek RTL8169 1000/100/10 NICMoar traffic needs moar mega bits ! Modded to work in 5V only PCI slot
VIA VT6212L based USB 2.0 cardOnboard is just 1.1 so this is so much nicer to have !
Yamaha YMF719 sound cardSweet MIDI and SBpro 2.0 compatibility, DOS game sessions commence !

Server Software Configuration

Windows 98 Second Edition Version 4.10.2222A, best variety !
Unofficial Service Pack 3.9Lets bring ancient history into modern times !
KernelEx 4.5.2 WinNT/2K/XP programs need love too on this machine
Kstub 8.22 Increases the love for NT/2K/XP stuff
Maximus-Decim NUSB 3.6 USB memory sticks never worked nicer !
Revolutions Pack 9.7.2 Gives eye candy and major boost in stability
SlimFTPd 3.181 Tiny and neat FTP server software
TightVNC I need to do things remotely too sometimes...
Taskbar Shuffle 2.5 Very useful program, must have for 9x/2K/XP !
RivaTuner 2.24 Got to cut down GFX card speed to be moar green !
BitSpirit Big files move very naiss with this ^^
Abyss Web Server X1 Piece of total awesome, super small but really powerful !

Small Server Photo Gallery

Server in action !
Shot of various means of input and output
Shot from the above
(A bit outdated)
Explicit nude shot :P
Power button is pressed...
Some stuff can really take forever !

Contact information

You can read it, don't you ?